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Up until 1969, Max Underhill was selling fertilizer as an agent for C-I-L from his farm warehouse in Port Burwell, Ontario.  This fertilizer was all handled in 100kg sacks and shipped from a central blend plant in Ingersoll, Ontario.  Farmers were forced to handle these large bags and pick from only 2 or 3 common blends.  C-I-L's new initiative was to partner with local stakeholders, like Max, and build fertilizer plants in the countryside, close to the end user.  So in March 1970, Max Underhill's Farm Supply, a 50/50 joint venture between C-I-L's Agromart Group and Max Underhill opened it's doors.

The business model was simple, supply bulk and bagged fertilizer to the local farmers who mainly grew tobacco and corn.  By 1978, the business had grown to a point where Max wanted to concentrate more on farming and trucking, so Max sold his 50% stake to John Sebok. 

John and his wife, Marnie continued to build Max Underhill's Farm Supply for the next 21 years.  Through these years, the crop mix evolved from tobacco and corn to a more diverse mix of soybeans, fruits and vegetables.   Complimenting corn and tobacco, these new crops flourished in our climate and on our Norfolk sand plain soils.  As our customers diversified, so did Max Underhill's Farm Supply.  The business soon evolved into other products and services, not just dry fertilizer, such as fumigation, custom application, soil amendments, seed, sucker spraying, liquid fertilizer and delivery units. 

In 1999, John and Marnie Sebok sold their shares to the current owners, their sons, Jonathan and Andrew. Since 1999, the business has continued to evolve along with our customers needs and because of that our offering has expanded to include geo-referencing, remote sensing, soil mapping, variable rate prescriptions, Certified Crop Advisors and custom fumigation.

In 2017, Aaron Dyck became a partner in the business alongside Jonathan and Andrew. Now employing 31 full time staff, Max Underhill's Farm Supply supports our community through outreach programs, sponsoring community events and respecting the environment by being a good neighbor utilizing safe practices. 

The Norfolk sandplain has become known as the bread basket of Ontario.  Thanks to the resourcefulness and dedication to grow high quality crops, our customers have succeeded.  It is because of this success that Max Underhill's Farm Supply has grown to be the business we are today.


 By selling our products with enthusiasm, respecting our customers

and living by the Golden Rule: we will strive to be the preferred

supplier of crop input products, services and technology in our trading area.


As a company, we seek to invest our resources in :


 a) bringing value to our customers by providing them with quality products, superior services and advanced technology at favourable prices;


 b) recognizing the value of our employees as a family of individuals as a key to our future success;


 c) supporting our community by providing taxes, outreach programs and sponsoring community events;


 d) respecting the enviroment by being a good neighbour utilizing safe practices;


 e) providing a satisfactory return to our investors

 We take safety very seriously here at Underhill's Farm Supply.

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