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Due to the nature of our business, environmental stewardship must play an important role in day-to-day business operation. Additionally, our local governments are looking to help us find ways to be better environmental stewards through proactive initiatives while at the same time, meet the needs of our current environmental regulations. To that end, Max Underhill's Farm Supply has implemented these strategies and policies to promote environmental stewardship:

  • Obsolete Chemical Collection Site in 2000, 2009 and 2016

  • Annual collection site for recycling chemical jugs and empty seed bags.

  • Agronomists on staff trained in the 4-R fertilizer use.

  • Greenseeker used to apply correct amount of Nitrogen only where needed.

  • Veris used to identify soil types from which proper nutrient application can be managed.

  • Use nitrification,denitrification and volatilization inhibitors to keep Nitrogen fertilizers in the root zone.

  • Fumigant management plans.

  • Agronomists trained in IPM.

  • Certified Crop Advisors on staff.

  • Drone used to identify problem areas, then managed accordingly.

  • Offer Pesticide Grower Licence Courses.

  • Participation in Oil Waste Collection.

  • Offer non- Neonic treated Corn and Soybean seed to growers.

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